Organizations Acknowledge Gay Marriage Decision Through Social Media

By Laurel Dearborn

Google's Search Field On June 26th, 2013

Google’s Search Field On June 26th, 2013

As people everywhere type “gay” into Google this morning in an effort to make sense of an array of Twitter and Facebook posts, they are met by a rainbow image surounding the search bar.

Interestingly enough, most are only noticing this statement now as DOMA restrictions on same-sex couples and Prop 8 were both struck down today even though, as the Los Angeles Times reports, the rainbow image has been a symbol on the site for the entire LGBT pride month.

Similarily, the Huffington Post changed its twitter icon to sport a rainbow version of the traditional blue “H” to acknowledge the court’s decision.

The Denver Post also reports that 13 lawmakers changed their avatars to include the iconic equal signs that symbolize support of gay marriage; while others tweeted out support for the cause.

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