About Us

We’re a group of student journalists based in the San Francisco Bay Area that will be covering the developments of the Supreme Court decisions regarding gay marriage, with approximately 60 reporters gathering information in and around San Francisco and 17 editors compiling and posting updates.

Our philosophy is centered around the idea of “One Day, One Story.” Everything published here was produced in a single day of reporting.

Please support our efforts by connecting with us via social media and getting involved in a global conversation on this monumental day.

Content Editors:

Team Leaders: Hailey Waller and Scott Landis

Primary Reporters: Emma Steiner, Patricia Jia

Writing Team: Christine Kim, Claire Parker, Eibhlin Lim, Elizabeth Sanchez, Jeff Hara, Jeff Thomas, Laurel Dearborn, Sanika Puranik

Video Team: Chizobam Nwawu, Erica Goldhawk, Jimin Suh

Copy Editor: Simon Greenhill

Photo Editor: Casey Miller

Graphic Designer: Emily Semba

Web Designer and Editor: Jacob Cader

Team Journal

Team Leader: Maytal Mark

Reporters: Alyssa Hada, April Martin-Hansen, Edward Perez, Isabel Ullman, Megan D’Souza, Oliver Groenevelde, Stephanie Chan, Rebecca Dolan

Team Observer

Team Leader: Natalie Bush

Reporters: Quinn Kropschot, Samantha Galiciano, Samantha Neumann, Sidney Lee, William Balsam, Zoe Brown, Nagyon Kim, Triya Marco, Mackenzie Lewis

Team Outlook

Team Leader: Jordan Tichenor

Reporters: Andrea Clawson, Caroline Binley, Dwight Alexander, Gabrielle Nava, Heather Kim, Larissa Babiak, Maddy Ryan, Michelle Min, Nebeyatt Betre

Team Star

Team Leader: Adrienne von Schulthess

Reporters: Aditi Mittal, Alexandra Hsieh, Annie Kim, Gautami Sharma, Jane Vaughn, Minjin Kim, Prasann Ranade, David Wu

Team Vanguard

Team Leader: Kelsey Reid

Reporters: Arshell Dennis, Autif Steele, Elaine Xie, Esmeralda Argueta, Hongwan Wu, Laura Campbell, Madeline Ottilie, Nadira Berman, Pranammya Dey

Team Voice

Team Leader: Brendan O’Byrne

Reporters: Alexandra Neumann, Caleb Couturie, Dayoung Lee, Ethan Parets, Hana Maeda, Kyana Robles, Lindsey Waller, Mahnoor Kiani, Naomi Schanen

Team Watchdog

Team Leader: Angela Pearson

Reporters: Alex Danilowicz, Brian Smith, Catherine Kim, Emma Moore, Grace Godsy, Jennifer Teitell, Leka Gopal, Madison Pathman, Sydney Schaedel

One comment on “About Us
  1. Jean Webster says:

    Great job, all. What an opportunity for all of you, to be in San Francisco at this auspicious time. Keep up the good work. We need good journalists in this country….and everywhere.

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