A Photo That Sums Up San Francisco’s Feeling on the DOMA Ruling (Click Here)

With no recorded riots in San Francisco today, and many gay pride celebrations, it’s fair to say that LGBT supporters are extremely happy with the result of the SCOTUS ruling for DOMA.

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Removing The Veil: Understanding The History Behind DOMA And Prop 8

By Laurel Dearborn


The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was established in 1996 under President Clinton and mandated that the federal benefits of legal marriage apply only to unions between a man and a woman, prohibiting same-sex couples from being able to file together on taxes, create joint wills and make medical decisions for one another.

DOMA entered the Supreme Court to be evaluated on the basis of its constitutionality after Edith Windsor sued the United States over the law. Windsor was required to pay high estate taxes after her spouse’s death because their marriage was not recognized by the federal government, and brought the case to court as an example of DOMA’s discriminatory practices toward same-sex couples.

As of this morning, DOMA is no longer valid as the Supreme Court stated that it was unconstitutional and according to the Los Angeles Times violated “the right of liberty” guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment.

Prop 8

Marriage between same-sex couples was legal once before in California prior to this morning. In March of 2008, the California Supreme Court gave the green light for gay marriage. When protests arose, however, signatures were gathered to propose Prop 8, a measure that would make gay marriage illegal in California. The measure passed in 2008 with 52 percent in favor of the Proposition.

Gay marriage was legalized once more in California this morning as Prop 8 was ruled out of the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction, reverting the decision to that made in California’s Ninth Circuit of Appeals, which deemed Prop 8 unconstitutional under California’s state constitution.

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Instagram Reacts

By Casey Miller

See the story here: http://storify.com/millercasey4/instagram-reacts

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Castro District Is Where It’s At

The Castro District of San Francisco is known for having a large gay community, and its members certainly rallied to rejoice the results of the Supreme Court’s DOMA ruling.

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Public Stores and Companies In SF Show Support

Public stores and companies show gay community and anti-DOMA support through window displays, billboards, and rainbow flags.

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Best of: LGBT-Supportive Newsfeeds

By Casey Miller

Best of LGBT newsfeeds, curated by Newsroom by the Bay, includes the following:

The Huffington Post


HuffPost Gay Voices does not only include opinion pieces from gay, lesbian, transexual, and bisexual people, but it is also filled with accurate event coverage and LGBT news.  Famous gay right supporters post their opinions, as well as normal LGBT community members.



BuzzFeed LGBT includes fun posts, such as “46 Gay Wedding Photos That Will Melt Your Heart”, and also more serious posts: “19 Powerful Photos From The Early Struggle For Gay Rights”.  It’s the perfect mix of entertainment and austerity for LGBT supporters.



The Advocate is one of the largest LGBT community websites on the Internet, and also the most well known.  Unlike many other LGBT websites, its content varies: the sections are divided into pieces like politics, op-ed, health, and crime.

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Celebrations Throughout The City

San Francisco knows how to party.  And when the DOMA debate is ruled in favor of gay marriage, you know the LGBT community will be out to celebrate.

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